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Is there any information about hitching via ferry from Hoek van Holland in Den Haag to Harwich (East England)?

A few veteran hitchhikers have reported earlier this year that hitching over this ferry is rather impossible without opening the wallet. If booking is not done by internet additional costs 15 euro. For departures in the evening booking of cabin compulsary. Single fare only possible from NL to UK. I bet the "additional vehicle passenger" ticket may be hard/impossible to book without car ticket? And I highly doubt that trucks are loaded. They all go to Calais. [1] [2] --Fverhart 09:21, 20 November 2008 (UTC)

Removed this, has very little to do with Den Haag...

Via ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich (East England)

I got a hint by a very nice CS fellow concerning this way:

But I do have to tell you to might think over hitching
from Hoek van Holland. I have tried it and it was one
of the worst things... I got thrown out of the port by
really aggressive guards telling me I was an illegal
immigrant and so on...
I mean I have hitched from lots of ports in my life and
never really had any problems as the truck drivers usually
don't pay for extra passengers and are cool to take
you... So if you really wanna go that way hitch a bit
before the port.. There are for example a little petrol
station just before, so if you get a lift there with
someone not going to Harwich, tell them to drop you
off there instead of taking you all the way to the
port and when you are with the truck driver you can
just as well be there colleague or relative or
But to be honest, not many ferries goes from there so if
you do not get on one you probably have to sped the
night outside if the cold in the middle off a huge
industrial area in the middle of nowhere...
I had to get a lift back to Rotterdam that night and
spent the night there and then hitch south to Calais
to get the ferry to Dover the next day.. Quite
frustrating as I was so close to get home and then had
to change plans as they would never let me in to that
port again..
Oh, well good luck whatever you end up doing!

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liftershalte - gone?

Does anybody know what has happened to the liftershalte in Den Haag? When I was there on Saturday I saw that the road sign has been removed.

A few years ago a small sign (30 x 30 cm) on a pole was standing right beside the Boslaan which leads to the A12, next to the Malieveld field. 15 months ago I've been again in Den Haag and I've seen that the pole had been replaced a few meters, away from the road, now standing in the grass behind the pavement for pedestrians. Then a few big stickers had been stuck over it, presumably by private people. Has the pole been removed indeed? That is a pity. --Fverhart 09:47, 9 March 2009 (UTC)