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Why is this deleted? I think is also hitchhiking relevant:
There is no malaria on cuba. Look out for your hygiene and for the sun. Don't drink tap water and don't eat to much stuff from the streets and you will be ok. Sometimes there :is dengue in Eastern Cuba. Ask the locals and protect from the mosquitos.

--Quarim 17:18, 21 July 2011 (CEST)

Sorry, whoever wrote this got it all wrong. No private car is obliged to stop in Cuba, it's the cars belonging to the state companies, with blue license plates, that must stop at the 'amarillos'. And the reason is they are supposed to be on duty, since they belong to the state, so supposedly you are not interfering with any private trip or whatever. Communism is illogical and all but not that much.

Oh, I see, sorry, you took it from an article. Well, that article got it all wrong.

If you think it's wrong, just fix it. We are happy for any contributions, just go for it ;) Don't worry, it's impossible to break something here :) --MrTweek