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It could possibly be a nightmare to be stuck in

It is!! But there's a good way to hitch through, both ways, you just have to know how =) This city was on my list since ages! Thanks for adding it :) --Platschi 23:22, 12 October 2010 (CEST)

So, what's the hidden way? ;-) We had great luck, because our driver from the border dropped us north of the bridge at the roundabout :-) --N0id 23:52, 12 October 2010 (CEST)

Hm, looking at the map again I can imagine, there seems to be even some kind of bypass. In direction of Chotin, right? It's just that our driver took a strange way taking countless turns leaving me without orientation and driving for what seemed to be ages. --N0id 23:57, 12 October 2010 (CEST)

Hitchhiking Chernivtsi West to East (& probably vice versa)

First I have to admit I don't get google maps, and cannot find any spot back. I got a Russian map which is awesome and much more logical than gmaps. As you could see, there's a kind of highway passing the city in the north, the road towards Novoselitsa & Moldova. I try to explain it, anybody feel free to translate it over to the article :-) Anytime I got into Chernivtsi by now, people dropped me off near the main bus station in the city centre. In direction North & West you see lots of locals hitchhiking here as well (for paid service), so you can just walk about 300m to 1 km north and have enough space and silence to hitch. After 3-5 km there's another roundabout with traffic for Ivano-Frankivsk westwards and Lviv/Ternopil northwards. Hitch for Lviv just in front of the railway crossing, but be aware of minibusses and local hitchhikers.

If you want to get to Moldova, you have to walk. Go to the big roundabout, walk down to the left where there's a tunnel under a bridge. Cross this tunnel and on the other side you'll see a petrol station, here turn left again. This is a 2-3 km long road leading out of the city, though it's pretty boring and not good for hitchhiking, due to trees along the side. But who says it's not working? For me it worked fine, just walk and hitch, somebody will stop, even if it's only for some hundred meters. At some point, to both sides factory will be seen, there's an entry to the "highway". From here just ask people for direction Novoselitsa, even if they don't go there the road direction is the same. You can hitch everywhere anyway. After some huge bridge and 10-15 (?) km there's a huge T-crossing (3 roads) coming, obvious by a kind of big place in its middle. A whole concert could be hold here without stopping traffic. Get out here and walk down the hill towards the railway track, there cars have to slow down to 10 km/h, so just behind you can hitch cars into the village of Novoselitsa. From now on traffic is sparely, so walk&hitch is your friend, at some point some Moldovan trucks will pass and take you to the border and hopefully further to Balti or Chisinau. This works also for the other way (east to west), though I have to admit we got onto this road I described behind the bus station, but no idea how. It's a big mess of roads over there. Hope this helps and is not too confusing, anybody to put this usefully into the article ;) ? Need street names, but though they are pretty useless over there I guess. Only unknown variable is the end of the road (begin highway) to Novoselitsa, as we crossed 1 or 2 villages or cities as well and at some points it's a two-lane highway with lots of traffic. Though also there you can hitch :D --Platschi 19:01, 13 October 2010 (CEST)

I can't be bother to read all of this right now, but I think I just might have written into the article what you meant... there's this big ass road in the north of the city that connects two roundabouts (9km). The Western one is good to hitch towards Uzhgorod/Ivano-F./Ternopil/etc., the Eastern one to go to K.-Podolsk (I guess)/Novoselica/Moldova. I just added info about that and how to go between those two and stuff. Is that what you meant, kind of?--Zenit 17:21, 29 August 2011 (CEST)