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<map lat='45.30338788109959' lng='-73.24790954589844' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> St-Jean-sur-Richelieu is a town in Quebec, Canada located along the river Richelieu in the Montérégie Administrative Region. It is connected through regular public transport to Montreal, and could be therefore considered as a far suburban area.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Sherbrooke (A-10)

South towards Burlington, Vermont (rte 133)

Coming with the bus from Montreal, the Terminus D'Autobus Saint-Jean, where you will end up is located in a large parking lot, on Rue Boucher. There are a few entrances to the A-35 & rte 104 (Sud & Est, the directions you need), but the closer highway on-ramps are large, with too much traffic going in various directions, and they are not recommended as a starting point.

Rather, from where the bus drops you off at Terminus D'Autobus Saint-Jean, walk north to Rue Boucher and make a right(you'll know you're going north if there is a large industrial factory on your left). Make a left on Boulevard Industriel, walk a very short distance, and make a right onto Rue Pierre-Caisse, walk about one kilometer along it, and make another right onto Blvd du Seminaire Nord (note: if you come on the bus from Montreal, there is a stop at the intersection of Boulevard de Séminaire and Rue Pierre-Caisse, and you can ask the bus driver to let you off there), cross under the first overpass, and the highway entrance you need (to AA-35 & rte 104, which turn into rte 133 just before Sabrevois, Quebec) will be on your right side.

Prestonhamren007 just did this route on May 14th 2013 but felt very unsuccessful there after a couple hours. He feels a variation of this is to walk about one hour South/East along the river and through the historic part of town to the edge of Saint-Jean Sur Richelieu where the freeway ends and turns to one lane in each direction. He was picked up almost immediately!

Directions: Walk to the other side of Blvd du Seminaire Nord from the Highway entrance to Rue Macdonald(heading east towards the river). Make a right on Rue Champlain and walk along the river until you reach the main bridge at Rue Saint Jocques(there is a running/bike path that also runs along the river, feel free to cross over to it when the chance arises. It also continues to the bridge). Make a left onto the bridge, crossing the river, and make a right on Rue 1(one). Follow Rue 1 to its end and make a left on Avenue Bessette. Make a right on Blvd d'Iberville. Blvd Iberville will become RTE 133 and all the traffic that passes you at that point will be going south to the border and more then likely to Burlington. Once the 133 connects to Blvd d'Iberville, there will be a large pullout on the side of the road and is perfect place to hitch from!

  • Border Crossing

See St-Armand for further details

North-West towards Montreal (A-10)

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