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From and to the airport
'''Christchurch''' is the biggest city on [[New Zealand]]'s South Island with 350 000 inhabitants. It is not huge though and some part can easily be walked. You can even try hitchhiking while staying on a main axe with enough space for the cars to stop if you wish to get out of the city. In this case you should consider having a board!
==From and to the airportAirport bus== 
A bus shuttle to the city center is leaving from the front of the airport, but is really expensive. If you walk direction of the International Antarctic Center, you will find a bus stop that costs just a normal bus ticket price.
There is one big and straight road (Memorial Avenue/Fendalton Rd) that leads to the big park on the West of the city center. Is is pretty hitchable in both direction with a 'City Center' or 'Airport' board.
Walking can be a bit long (>5km). 
== Hitchhiking out ==
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