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Directions towards Breda, Rotterdam, Antwerp
If you want to go to Germany or France this is the best spot to start your journey for you can take either the route over Eindhoven - Venlo or Eindhoven - Maastricht.
=== Directions towards [[Breda]], [[EindhovenRotterdam]],[[Antwerp]] ===
Get the number 8 bus from the Tilburg central transport station towards 'Het Leer'. It costs around 2 Euro. Leave the bus at the stop under the second bridge near the ''Ringbaan Zuid''. Walk up the side of the hill and get on to the motorway.
Alternatively, take bus Nr. 7 (Direction: De Bleek) to busstop 'Burg. Damsstraat'. From here you can walk to ''Ringbaan West'' and walk to the South. You'll pass one gas station where you can try your luck in the morning to get a ride out of the city. If you continue to walk along the ''Ringbaan West'' you will eventually reach the traffic lights for the turn to the highway towards Breda. There is grass here where cars can stop and the traffic light will make sure that cars will drive slow most of the time.
edit: cars which go on the highway are in the wrong lane to turn in the gas station. Also further down 'Ringbaan West' the opportunities are not really good. The option at 'Ringbaan Ost' and 'Ringbaan Zuid' / BP gasstation mentioned above also works for the directions Breda, Rotterdam, Antwerp

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