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North towards Toshkent
== Hitchhiking out ==
=== North towards [[ToshkentTashkent]] ===
The easiest is to take a taxi from Registan, say you want to go to Toshkent shared taxi point (arround 10 km). It should be around 3000 sum (1,5 dollar). From here you walk 500 meters to get away from all the taxis who want you to come with them, and start hitching. Be awear that after 5-10 km you come to a roundabout, the road to Toshkent goes to the left/you kind of have to make a u-turn, if you stay on the highway you end up going a different way. So if you don't reach this roundabout after 30 min, get of and turn around.
=== East towards [[Panjakent]] ([[Tajikistan|TJ]]) (A377) ===

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