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* I used that spot in Triester Strasse with Computerstrasse this pass october 2015 right before the petrol station and i was picked up in less that 15 min, made it to Split that day.--[[User:Yeguaerrante|Yeguaerrante]] ([[User talk:Yeguaerrante|talk]]) 12:53, 18 November 2015 (CET)
* There is a perfect place at 'Triester Straße' where is crosses with 'Computerstrasse'. Bus 16a goes directly to the spot. It's the last big interception before the Triester Strasse turns into a highway, cars coming from upfront, left and right can see you perfectly and a few steps further there is a petrol station, so drivers can stop for you, or you can just ask people. I never had to ask more than a handful of people to get a ride down south.
*[[User:Chillion|Chillion]]: (2018, May, afternoon 1pm): This is an alright spot. I hitched at just before the bus stop just outside the Petrol station towards Graz with a sign. Waited 2.5 hours. Maybe I was unlucky.
For everyone going to Slovenia or Zagreb, know that there are no petrol station on your side of the road some 100 kilometres before Graz. The first one is near Leibnitz, some 15-20 km after Graz. So if someone offers you a ride to Graz, try to see if they're maybe going to Leibnitz or past Leibnitz. There are many people from Maribor working in Graz, so if you end up in Graz, try using a sign for Maribor on roads going out of the city towards the highway. The petrol station near Leibnitz is on the way to Maribor.

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