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Buenos Aires

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Then do not go to the closest exit to the highway - [[Xsuzann]] has been caught over there by police and sent away. Cross the railway and head to the road which seems to be a road going to the country - but its actually an exit for highway. You would have to walk about 2 km, but it's worth that, as the cars don't go that fast on the exit and it's very likely that someone will take you!
[[Media:Example.ogg]]=== North to [[Uruguay]] by land, Cordoba, Jujuy ([[ruta 14]]) ===
This option is for those looking to get to Iguazu. From the main train station Retiro take Linea Suarez. There is a train every 15 minutes on week days, slightly less regularly on week-ends. In Villa Ballester change to the one going to Zarate (you should buy a ticket for this one). You can get off in Campana. Buses to Campana peaje pass on the street in front of Campana railway station. They go around the park and turn right at the corner of it.

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