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Phoenix (Arizona)

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=== I-10 South and East towards [[Tucson]] and [[New Mexico]] ===
* '''Love's Travel Stop at Chandler'''
From Phoenix take any bus or light rail going to Tempe Transportation Center. You'll be better off taking a bus as you can pay for one ride which is $2 and ask for a transfer slip and take another bus from Tempe without additional cost. There are no free transfers from light rail. Once in Tempe take [ bus 66 to Lone Butte Casino ] which is the last stop. Walk towards Chevron gas station and turn right/west into Allison Road. Continue for a mile until you get to traffic lights and turn left/south. You will see large McDonald's sign. Once there at Exit 162, Love's Travel Stop is a new truck stop nearby and the highway on-ramp is large enough for a truck to stop. [[User:Salman|This hitchhiker]] has received several rides from here, from cars heading to the area of Casa Grande. Just past Casa Grande is the I-8/ I-10 junction, with several large truck stops. You should not accept any ride going a shorter distance than this. If you hold out, you may make it all the way to Tucson in one ride.
=== I-17 North towards [[Sedona]] and [[Flagstaff]] ===

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