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Phoenix (Arizona)

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'''Tempe''' is a popular hangout in the winter for street kids and other travellers, due to the university nearby and several places to stealth camp, such as Papago Park, a large urban park with hills and caves. Mill Avenue is the main drag, and while it has become much more yuppified over the years, you will still see a lot of traveling folks along the street and in the coffee shops.
Hitchhiking out of the Phoenix area means getting to an outlying suburb by bus ($2.00 one way bus fare) or have a friend drop you at a good spot, then planting yourself at a major truck stop exit or nearby highway on-ramp. Note that public transport is quite slow and quirky, which is to say, it rarely goes where needed or expected and is almost guaranteed to be at least 20 minutes late. Also note that there are no transfers available, and purchasing a day pass on board a bus costs $6. Buy one at a Circle K or lightrail station for $4 instead.
== Hitchhiking Exit Points ==
''There is absolutely no reason a hitchhiker should purposely visit the greater Phoenix area, unless you are a wealthy sociopathic masochist with a golf fetish, in which case you likely have a massive SUV, as most people in the Phoenix area are/have. Not only is it an overheated and ugly sprawl of freeways, beige two-car garages, golf courses, more freeways, and Walmarts, the people of Phoenix are generally quite rude to anyone they perceive as either not having very much money, or having a skin color any shade darker than the sand which envelops the area, and meeting both of these criteria will likely get you arrested and imprisoned for several years. People in the greater Phoenix area also tend to judge others based on the size, cleanliness, newness, and luxuriousness of their cars, which leads to a booming car sales industry, a constant haze of smog over the clogged freeways, and a nearly frightening number of lanes on major roads, but also means that someone without a car (ie a hitchhiker) will be assumed to be either insane or subhuman, and will be treated as such. In general, avoid Phoenix and its environs at all cost.'' - Josiahsettles
''Hiding within the unimaginably vast urban sprawl, there are a few gems that make Phoenix worthwhile. South Mountain park is the country's largest municipal park, is accessible by bus, and has ample desert hiking trails w/varied scenery. There is a huge storytelling and slam poetry scene in Phoenix; go to Lawn Gnome bookstore on a Wednesday night, tell a story and you get in free. Around downtown Phoenix, also check out: Burton Barr Library (cool 5 story building with views of the city, free internet access, an Arizona room), an all ages music venue called "The Trunk Space," the Roosevelt Row arts district, and an infoshop called "The Sp(a)ce." The town of Guadalupe (near Tempe) has a wonderful local market and many colorful murals on display. It's worth a visit just to get a sense of the place and people who have been harassed by Joe Arpaio for so long (the entire town filed a lawsuit against him.) Mystery Castle is a quirky architectural landmark well worth the visit. Phoenix Trotting Park, if you can get there, is an abandoned building with amazing post-apocalyptic visuals. Food not Bombs serves weekly in Phoenix, Tempe, and Glendale- eat a free vegan meal and meet all kinds of people.'' - [[User:wallpaper|Wallpaper]]

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