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From Mostar to Sarajevo you have a good place for hitchhiking but you need to walk a few km from town. Go outside of city and follow sign toward Sarajevo and on right side after few km it will be big petrol station.
* [[User:Antonopa|Antonopa]] (May 2016) Just at the edge of town there is a patch of wasteland where there are buses parked, just before the road curves off and out of the city. This spot was perfect, I set up there with a sign for Sarajevo, by a lamp post. There is ample space for cars to stop. I waited 25 mins before two guys drove me to Jablinica. Then from Jablinica I took another ride up the road out of town, and from there a truck took me all the way to ZagrebSarajevo. This route is very hitchable, although it may take several stages as many people aren't going too far.
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