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Getting out of Montreal in that direction is easy, but you have to go fairly east to find a good spot. There are 3 strategies you might want to consider:
1. Go North toward the Laurentides with [[A-15 (Quebec)|Highway 15]] (see section below) until exit 31, then reach for Highway 50 / Route 148 heading West through Lachute, Papineauville, Thurso and [[Gatineau-Hull|Gatineau]]. A sign can be useful there, first to Mirabel and then "50". After that, the path is very straightforward. This route is especially useful if your final destination is Gatineau rather than [[Ottawa]].(It doesn't actually matter because the bus routes OC Transpo and STO connect with each other between Ottawa and Gatineau)
2. Take bus (used to be 221) 411 express (or 211 non-express) from Lionel Groulx subway station as if heading to Toronto. At the terminus continue walking west (or take the 251). Turn right on Rue Saint Pierre and head straight. There's a spot right before highway 40. Just continue straight past the 20 and along 'Avenue des Anciens Combattants' for about 10 minutes. See pictures of the spot: [] and [].
3. Go West towards Toronto via [[A-20 (Quebec)|Highway 20]] (see previous section) and ask to be dropped at exit 17 - St-Clet / Coteau du lac. From there hitch on the 201 North, towards St-Clet. Next village is Hudson and there is a major service station and restaurant area on Highway 40 there. You'll usually get a direct ride to Ottawa. (bus 221 changed as of January 2014 and is now the 411. It no longer goes to exit 17 so use the second option of hitching from 'Avenues des Anciens Combattants' rather than this one).
== North toward the Laurentides ==

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