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'''Spain''' is a member state of the European Union as well as the Schengen Agreement.
Spain consists of 17 administrative units called ''Comunidades Autónomas''. Some of these administrative units also represent historical nations that vary in traditions, culture, gastronomy and even language. Despite that all citzens citizens of Spain speak Spanish and are politically recognised as Spaniards, you will be more liked by locals — especially in some northern regions such as Galicia, Asturias, Euskal Herria (Basque Country) and Catalonia where nationalist movements are vigorously flourishing — if you learn the basic particularities of each territory (i.e: Don't expect sevillanas and bullfighting in Girona and don't be surprised if you see bagpipes and celtic-like stuff in Santiago de Compostela!).
In Spain, hitching isn’t a very common concept and mostly done by foreigners. However, the thumb will be understood.

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