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EDIT/UPDATE: If you walk around the side of the fence you will find a small gate. It was open when we went, but anyway it is very low and easy to climb over. This takes you straight into the service area! ==
:''[[User:Mangoldmajo|Mangoldmajo]]: The bus #20 B takes you directly to San Biagio (last station). From there you can see the highway and also the gas station. We walked around the side of the fence as described here before, but the gate was closed. It was possible to climb over without problems and once we were inside we got a ride immediatly.''
Crossing the motorway outside the service station is a bit difficult. You can try it under the motorway through the building site, but it is muddy. It is easier to get off the bus #89 one stop before, before it crosses the motorway. The name of the stop is: Casalecchio C.s. Allende.

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