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Southeast toward Montenegro
It is easy you just google street Garaplina it is up on hill not so far away from Bačaršija few minutes of walk. At end of Garaplina street, just above is traffic light and you are on this street Put mladih Muslimana, that road is going outside of town and to direction of Montenegro. A lot of trucks is going on this road, so you can ask and hitchhike on road near traffic light and ask drivers when lights is red and they need to stop, if you do not have luck you just go straight and after 50 meters on right side is petrol station and you can also hitchhike there. Go in direction Trnovo and Foća, local people said to us not to go in Goražde because it not much traffic there. At border with Montenegro on Hum crossing is not so many cars but you can catch ride there and road to border is very bad, full of wholes.(ask drivers on border, first car pick us up)
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