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At the Utrechtsebrug you have several options. First, head to the Martin Luther King Park in Amsterdam Zuid where the motorway to [[A2 (Netherlands)|A2]]-motorway starts, which leads to [[Utrecht]] and further to [[Den Bosch]], [[Eindhoven]] and [[Maastricht]]. Take tram 25 to its end-stop or tram 4 or 12 and walk from the Vrijheidslaan south through the Rijnstraat to the motorway ([[A10 (Netherlands)|A10]]/ [[A2 (Netherlands)|A2]]). At the end of this road before the crossing, you'll find traffic lights where you can pro-actively ask drivers to drop you at the massive Haarrijn service station (See below). The best traffic lights to pick, as there are three sets here, is the one on your left side when you are standing facing the bridge.
From here you can also walk over the bridge, walk along the motorway over the grass towards a small petrol station 250 meters further, behind the bend. If you do that don't try (like me) to go right to the little residence, there are rivers and no path to get to the station, there are no other ways than walk along the road. Be careful when walking here, the space between you and cars is minimal.
NOTE: Though the spot is generally awesome, you are likely to spend hours waiting for cars going as far as [ Haarrijn] on Sundays (and probably Saturdays too). It might be reasonable to try further spots to avoid local traffic during the end of week.

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