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== Public Transport ==
Barca-stop (hitchhiking private boats) is possible, although it may take a little patience. Go to an empty dock, make a sign, and look friendly. Ferries, gondolas, and water taxis will probably not take you. The private boats are pretty easy to spot though, and focus on them!
Walking around the main collection of islands is possible without a problem. The places you'll need to get public transport to include [[Mestre]] (unless you enjoy walking 5km on the bridge observing a swamp on one side and an oil refinery on the other), and the islands of Lido, Murano (glass museum), Burano (lots of brightly-coloured houses) and others.
You can get bus tickets for local buses for 1,30 euro (in the bus they cost 2,50 euro) - valid 75 minutes, changing lines is allowed, return trips are not. The boats to get to other islands are ridiculously expensive (6,50 euro for 1 hour). You could risk going without a ticket on one stop, the fines are at 44 euros (July 20th 09). Little ticket controlling on the boat, but the ticket controllers often want to see a ticket before you board at "popular" stops -- Piazzale Roma, Railway Station etc. If one of the boat men want to see your ticket, get on the next one. Black-riding seems pretty easy.
There are also long-term tickets that are valid on all the local boats and buses: 12 hours = €16; 24 hours = €18 etc. You can buy a lot of tickets with discount if you pre-book them at least a week in advance online at [ Venice Connected]

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