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As in majority of caucasus, but even more, vehicular language is Russian. You really hardly will find people speak english, but if you speak Russian u wont have any problem to make yourself understood by people, of any age.
Armenian language is quite hard, both in pronunciation and vocabulary. As I didn't speak Russian, i had to learn it a bit, as for Georgian. Here some useful words:
Baref - Hello; ur es kenu? (oor ais kainoo?) - Where do you go? ; arnunitencha? (arnooneetainchah?) - What's your name?
vorteghr e ... ? (vortaighr ai..?) - Where is ..? ; ...ka/chka? - Is/isn't there ....? ; joor - water; atz - bread; meerk - fruit;
hesht - easy; dehjvar - difficult; yerp? - when; inch? what?; inchpesh? how; inchoo? why?;
araj - before; ima- now; heto- later; karik - need; Aeesor - today; yerek - yesterday; vaghra - tomorrow; sor - day; gheeshaij - night
yes oozoom em ... - I want ...; asel - tell; knel - sleep; khmel - drink; ootel- eat; oknel - help; tsoort - cold; shok - hot;
dandagh (dundugh) - slow; araghr - fast

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