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Road and motorway numbers change often and/or are not posted along the way, so once you get out of town, to get to Mrkonjic-Grad and Banja Luka, head towards Travnik, then Jajce. For Pecs, towards [[Tuzla]].
Note from [[User:nalddo|Nalddo]] : If "if you use the spot above, you will first have to hitch to a junction North of town where the road splits in 2. You can get to this junction directly. From downtown, take bus 21 to the last stop, in Vogosca. From there, continue walking a few minutes on the road until you reach a bridge. This is where the road M18 to [[Tuzla]] and motorway A1 to [[Zenica]] split. You can thumb easily to either direction. To hitch on the highway, I recommend walking a few more minutes to reach the paytoll."

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