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From Tekke Bazaar take bus 16 (0,20 Manat in April 2012). Get off when the bus turns right from the main road a few kilometers South of Ashgabat. From there, you can easily get a ride for the last 5 kms to the police checkpoint. Do not try to stop a truck as they have to stop just a few hundred meters ahead in a truck terminal.
Hitch-hiking across the border is not possible. Instead you will have to take the shuttle across the 30kms of no-mans land to the border post. Foreigners are asked an astronomical 40 manats (in April 2012). Argue hard as it is obviously not the real price locals pay. Hitchhiker [[User:Nalddo |Olivier]] managed to get a free lift with the shuttle bus.
From the Turkmen border post, it is only a 50 meters walk to the Irani side, and another 2 kilometers to the Irani village of Bajgiran from where it is easy to get a lift to Quchan and further to [[Mashhad]] and [[Tehran]].

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