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Psychology of hitchhiking

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The wide range of personal contact while [[hitchhiking]] makes this an interesting topic to psychological issues. From the motivations of hitchhikers and drivers to apply theories to reduce waiting times as many modern hitchhikers want to be fast and efficient. The large amount of hitchhikers that keep records, note the amount of lifts and waiting times. Especially, in [[Western Europe]] many people hitchhike on [[petrol stationhitchhiking|petrol stations]]s by approaching potential drivers. Therefore, it is important to approach people in an efficient way. Nevertheless, even while thumbing next to the road, a driver has to decide in a fraction of a second if s/he is going to stop or not.
== Motivation of Hitchhiker to hitch ==
* No other option
== Motivation of Driver to [[picking up hitchhikers|pick up a hitchhiker]] ==
* Friendliness
* Generosity

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