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Customs and [[border crossing]] patrol will take place on the ferry. You should bring your passport and a pen to fill out the form that you will be given. Sometimes, you have to ask the staff for guidance, since the border personnel expect you to come to them, rather than for them to come to you. You should take care of all passport-stamping before the boat arrives in Tanger because you will have to present your stamped passport page to the authorities before leaving the port.
It took [[User:N0id|n0id]] two hours to find a ride in August 2009. Without a basic knowledge of French it would have been much harder. Many trucks already had two drivers, only a few didn't. Truck drivers on the ferry told him that it was much harder to hitch a ride from Tangier to Algeciras, due to the drivers' fear of getting busted for drug-trafficking and the tight security at the port in Tangier. On the other side, security will let you sleep in the ''gare maritime'' in Tanger (New Port) if you arrive after 11pm because there won't be any buses going to Tangier city anymore.
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