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{{infobox Country|country = of Kenya|map= <map lat='0.6591651462894632' lng='37.1337890625' zoom='5' view='3' float='right' />|language = Swahili, English|capital = [[Nairobi]]|pop = 39,002,772|currency = Kenyan Shilling (KES)|hitch = {{good}}| avp = Kenya}} '''Kenya''' is a country in East [[Africa]]. It has a large variety of tribes living in different areas of the country, with the Kikuyu tribe being the biggest. The famous Maasai tribe lives near the border with [[Tanzania]]. == Trans-African Highway ==This road, going from [[Cairo]], [[Egypt]], to [[Cape Town]], [[South Africa]], leads through Kenya as well. In the north of the country, it is little more than a dust track through the desert, and this used to be a dangerous part of the road to travel on, with several hold-ups reported. [[User:gerbennap|Gerben]] travelled here in the summer of 2010, and he was told the banditry had drastically decreased after negotiations on illegal weapons possession in the region had been conducted by local authorities. Take care with the rainy season in this part of the country as well, as the dusty roads quickly turn into slippery mud roads once the rain starts pouring down. An asphalt road to the border at [[Moyale]] is under construction, but will take at least until 2015 to complete.
== Cities ==

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