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Channel Tunnel

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'''Do NOT''' try to hitchhike at the tunnel entrance. The place is huge, cars are fast and most drivers are confused. Also, the staff doesn't like hitchhikers and might threaten you to call the police if you don't leave. If you don't get a lift from outside of [[Calais]] to England, try the ferry instead. It's much easier.
Jass hitched the tunnel entrance in August 2010. Stand at the split off from the two roads behind a kind of arrow indicator. Staff can't see you so well and cars are slowing down to figure out which lane they need to be in. Have a sign for wherever you're going (UK and underneath your destination) and then FREE / GRATIS/ GRATUIT! Jass waited twenty minutes and a direct ride to Cambridge. Perfect and so much quicker than the ferry. Just be careful and discreet. Remember they'll be other hitchers here and we don't want to attract bad attention!

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