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[[ImageFile:Katja and Augustas hitchiking in Panama.jpg|thumb|left|230px|Hitchhikers [[Katja and Augustas]] on the road in Panama.]]
'''Panama''' is a country in [[Central America]] where hitchhiking happens most readily. Roads north of Panama city are brilliant. Roads to the south are atrocious, and worsen as you approach [[Yavisa]].
There are borders with [[Costa Rica]] in the North and [[Colombia]] in the South. However, there are no roads to [[Colombia]]. There is a way to go through the jungle but it's extremely dangerous due to the Colombian 'guerillas'.
It is possible to hitchhike a boat from Panama to Colombia or [[Ecuador]] so you don't have to cross the [[Darien_Gap|Darien Gap]]. On the Caribbean coast you may find boats in [[Bocas del Toro]], right on the canal or in [[Portobello]].
In Portobello you should be able to jump on a charter boad to [[Cartagena]], Colombia (~325 US).
* [[Panama City]]
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