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Flag of Poland
Coat of arms of Masovian (Voivodeship).png
Masovian (Voivodeship)
Population: 37 306
Licence plate: WSC
Major roads: 2 50
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Sochaczew is a city in Poland, about 50km west of the capital Warsaw.

Hitching out

Make sure not to get stuck in the city centre, it means you'll have to walk about 3 km out in order to reach the hitchhiking point.

If you do get dropped there however, walk west along the street Warszawska. After around 850 m you'll find a small grocery store on your right hand where you can buy supplies. 150 m further down the road you turn left onto Łowicka. You can try hitching from here as the road has a wide shoulder, but traffic probably won't stop. After 1.9 km down this boring road you'll end up at the roundabout where the national roads 2 and 50 cross.

East towards Warsaw 2

Stand at the southeastern side of the roundabout and stick your thumb out! Aim for the cars with registration plates W(x), these are from Warsaw.

Southwest towards Łowicz, Łódź, Poznań 2

Go straight on the roundabout, you'll see a petrol station with plenty of space just 50m before. Don't refuse truckers, cars aren't much faster on this road anyway.