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Flag of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Language: English, Krio
Capital: Freetown
Population: 5,293,327
Currency: Leone
Hitchability: <rating country='sl' />
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Sierra Leone is bordered by Guinea and Liberia. Since the end of the civil war in 2002 the situation has drastically improved and is now a great place to hitchhike. Since 2008, the European Union have put a lot of money into developing the road system in Sierra Leone. From the border of Guinea (coming from Conakry), to Freetown, and continuing to the East, the roads are as well kept as in Europe. From Bo to the border of Liberia, the roads are very bad; made from mud and sand and often cause breakdowns and vehicles to get stuck. Because these roads are only just wide enough for one vehicle, you can often have to wait for hours behind a vehicle which is stuck. Rainy season will bring LOTS of problems for anyone travelling overland.

Sleeping If hitchhiking, locals will almost always offer you a place to stay for the night in their homes. Also, if stopping in small villages and towns along your route, try asking a local for a place to sleep for the night. 100% of the time that Kimmie did this, she was offered a place by all without any hesitation.


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