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Setúbal is a city in Portugal. It's next to the beautiful Serra da Arrábida and beautiful beaches, which tend to get crowded in warm seasons. It has been mentioned as the Barcelona of Portugal because of its anarchist and working class history. A lot of squats have existed in the city over the past years.

Hitching out

North towards (A2) Lisboa, south towards (A2) Algarve, and East towards Spain

Rotunda dos Golfinhos This huge roundabout, next to Jumbo shopping centre, is the begginning of the A12 highway, that connect with the A2 (Lisbon - Algarve) some kms further north. Cars are a bit fast, but a lot of room to stop on the roadside. People who go to Lisbon taking the highway will drive through here. You can ask for a lift to Área de Serviço de Palmela, gas station on the A2. If you want to go East (Évora, Spain) or South (Alentejo, Algarve), you can still hitch to Palmela service station and cross to the station on the other side - it's a 2,5 kms walk, through the nearby bridge.

South by the coast towards Tróia, Sines, Algarve

Take the ferry at Cais do Comércio to Tróia. The ticket is expensive, almost 7 euros. But you'll be able to have a great view of Serra da Arrábida and hitch south along the coast, passing by praia da Comporta and all the endless beaches on the way.