San Isidro de El General (Costa Rica)

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San Isidro de El General, also referred to as Pérez Zeledón, is a city in Costa Rica.

Hitchhiking out

South towards San Vito / Ciudad Neily / Panama

Within city limits Highway 2 going south is a large and very long two-lane road (many hills, so you might keep walking in the heat hoping to reach the invisible other end of vain) which is not very nice neither to walk along nor to get a ride from. However there are many city buses following that road and for about 250 colones (50ct.) they can take you, for example, to Palmares where Highway 2 goes back to one lane and mostly thru-traffic. Just stay on the bus until it turns left into a neighborhood, then keep walking south on the main road and swing that thumb, yeah!

Other useful info

There is a good internet café with skype equipment opposite the market downtown.