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Rimini is a city in Italy.

Hitching out

South towards Pesaro, Fano

From the centre of Rimini you can easily walk to Via Circonvallazione Nuova, which is the road SS16 going around Rimini. When you go on Via Covignano, which is quite long, and meet Via Circonvallazione Nuova (SS16) you'll have to cross SS16 and walk right after crossing it. After a few meters you'll find a drive way to a company where you can stand. Cars are driving pretty slow so it's easy for the drivers to either pull over or just stop to pick you up.

North towards Bologna, Milano

Take a bus to Riccione (for example no. 11 direction Marinai D'Italia) and then from little bus station Curiel bus 43 (direction Monza Chiesa) to stop Veneto Cantu. From there take a right at the small roundabout and first right on Viale Brescia. This is a service road to a gas station on A14 highway. The station is well guarded by a fence with barbed wire, but there is a place a bit to the right from the gate where it's possible to jump over it, or you might be lucky to meet someone from the station to open the gate for you.

Hitching in

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