Qafë-Thanës-Struga border crossing

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Qafë-Thanës-Struga border crossing
<map lat='41.093325' lng='20.615845' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />
Countries: Flag of Albania Albania | Flag of North Macedonia North Macedonia
Type: Road
Motorway: E 852

The border can be reached from the Albanian city of Elbasan in a shared taxi for 600 lekë (July 2009).

Hitchhiking out

East into North Macedonia

Position yourself a hundred meters down from the border and put your thumb out. Alternatively, ask the parked truck drivers. Plenty of trucks pass through this border crossing, and you may even get a lift as far as Bulgaria.

West into Albania

There's a fork in the road pretty soon after the border (some 3km) where you can either go right towards Elbasan and Tirana or left towards Pogradec and Korçe. If you got dropped off at the border, it might be worthwhile to walk here.


  • Quarim had major problems crossing this border with the autobus from Tirana in May 2008, because they found cocaine in the bus. After he gave a bribe (which could have been dangerous), they let him go.
  • November 2018 - We have been dropped off at the boarder and walked out of Albania. Before we reached North Macedonia (between the two boarders) we already found our next driver.
  • November 2021 - (patagonia.almundo): we arrived on the border hitchhiking from Pogradec (23 Km). There is a coffee shop where you can change Albanian money (lek) to Macedonian Denars. There are taxi drivers offering you to cross and drive you to Struga. We said: "no, thank you. Autostop" and they didn´t bother us. We crossed walking without any problem and in 5 minutes we catched a ride to Resen (our destination).