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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
<map lat='39.95717071877576' lng='-75.1701107286501' zoom='11' view='0' />
Flag of United States
United States
State: Pennsylvania
Population: 1,553,165 (2013)
Licence plate: PA
Major roads: I-76.svg I-676.svg I-95.svg
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Philadelphia or Philly is the largest city in Pennsylvania, USA, and a major east coast metropolitan area. It borders the Delaware River and New Jersey to the east, and is accessible by I-95 and I-76.

Hitchhiking out

South on I-95 towards Wilmington, DE; Baltimore, MD; Washington DC; Florida

Market St. on-ramp (HW Map)

Take a bus to Market St. and Front St. (google maps) or take the Market-Frankfort subway to 2nd Street Station and walk one block east. The road east of Market & Front curves right and becomes a very long on-ramp for I-95 south. Traffic will be slow after coming around the bend, so don't stand too far down the ramp.

Oregon Ave. on-ramp (HW Map)

This spot has more trucks, but in the states, they seldom stop on on-ramps.

North on I-95 towards Trenton, NJ; New York, NY; Boston, MA; Maine

Oregon Ave. on-ramp (HW Map)

This spot has lots of truck traffic, but they seldom stop on on-ramps.

West on I-76 towards Valley Forge, Ohio

From Exit 338 (HW Map)

Take the Manayunk/Norristown regional rail line (or a bus) to Manayunk station. Follow the tracks northwest to Green Ln. Turn left and follow it to cross the bridge across the Schuylkill (SKOO-kull) River. After crossing an onramp to I-76W will be on the right.

East to New Jersey

Walt Whitman Bridge

The Walt Whitman is the best bridge to Jersey, since it connects directly to I-295 and the A/C expressway. There's only a toll in the westbound direction, so you'll have to use an on-ramp. There is a good place to hitch under the bridge at Front St. (HW Map). Check the green signs to make sure you're in the right place.

Ben Franklin Bridge

If you insist on taking the Ben Franklin bridge, take PATCO across the bridge and into the state. (You can always walk across the bridge, but there are no good places to get a ride from the other side.) Probably the best technique is to get to a gas station along routes 70 or 38. Gas is significantly cheaper in New Jersey so people often fuel up after entering the state. The indians who run the stations are probably friendly, and you won't attract as much police attention by staying off the road (hitchhiking is explicitly illegal in Jersey).

Accommodation and sleep

Fairmount park is big enough to camp in.

Public transport

The Philadelphia-area public transportation network is called SEPTA (website). It encompasses local buses, subways, trolleys, and trains. You can get transit directions from their website or Google Maps.

Buses, trolleys, subways

The buses and trolleys are nearly impossible to blackride on and, for the most part, remain within in the city anyway. The subway is good and cheap if you need to get around the city, but are also difficult to blackride on.

Regional Rail

However, the trains are fairly easy to blackride on. You can get out of the city in most any direction via SEPTA's regional rail train. Most of these trains don't check tickets until after you're on; if tickets are checked pre-boarding, just wait for the next train. Conductors come around after each stop checking for new fares, so unless you buy a ticket you'll be asked to get off at the next stop if you don't pay up on-board. However, many passengers leave their tickets on-board, so finding one before the conductor comes through is possible.

Places to visit

Philadelphia is rich in independence history if you like that sort of thing. Check out the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

There is a great music scene too. has good show listings.

There's a bonfire that happens Wednesdays at the Glendinning Rock Garden, just north of Girard and 33rd. From the garden, follow the stone staircase up into a sort of castle thing.

If you like skateboarding, be sure to check out LOVE and FDR parks. Here's a history of philly skating.

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

Check Nomadwiki for info on accommodation, showers etc. or Trashwiki for dumpsters...and share your wisdom :)