Pas de la Casa

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Pas de la Casa
Flag of Andorra
Population: 3,000
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Pas de la Casa is a significant town on the border of Andorra and France. The town is frequented by by French citizens visiting to do tax-free shopping. Much of the traffic is headed down towards Toulouse

Hitchhiking out

Towards France

There is a widened road with parking spaces at the southern exit of the town, where you can easily thumb a ride. Almost all of the traffic is headed to France.

Towards Andorra la Vella and Spain

Much of the traffic heading east drives via the old, winding CG-2 pass over the mountains. At a roundabout just south of the town is the Envalira Tunnel. It cuts through the mountain and is therefor a faster option. However because the toll is so expensive and the alternative route isn't too long, almost no drivers opt to take the tunnel. Your best bet would be to thumb somewhere along the CG-2, which heads up the mountain from the roundabout in the town centre.