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<map lat='36.402778' lng='30.474444' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />
Flag of Turkey
State: Antalya (Province)
Population: 0
Licence plate: 07
Major roads: D400
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Olympos is a touristic destination on the south coast of Turkey, very close to Antalya. Çıralı is a village 500 m from Olympos beach.

Hitching In

Get dropped at the top of the road to Olympos. From there, it's an 11km hike down the hill (and is quite dangerous as the road is very thin in a lot of places). The best place to thumb a ride is about 200m down the hill from the bus station; there is a large shoulder on the side of the road where cars coming down will see you and have room to pull over.

Another option is to try and hitch into Çıralı, as that's a town not consisting of solely tourists. From there you can walk 500m on the beach and you're down at the ancient Olympos site. The road to Çıralı goes off the Fethiye-Antalya 'highway' a bit further direction Antalya.


To sleep on the beach is complicated because it is closed from 22 to 5. You also have to pay to access it from 12 to 19.

Before some nomads were able to walk through the dry river bed into the ancient site and be culturally entertained as well as acess the beach. There they got told to move after one night camped. The northern end of the beach, beyond Cirali, is not minded and nicer anyways!

A good place to camp in Olympos can be found at the entrance, near Kadir's tree houses. When you arrive in Olympos, Kadir's tree house is to your left, you walk a few meters, you will have a path to the forest to your right. Follow the path, you will go in the direction of outside of the city. On your right, you will find some places suitable for camping and after a little abandonned house.

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