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<map lat='36.402778' lng='30.474444' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />
Flag of Turkey
State: Antalya (Province)
Population: 0
Licence plate: 07
Major roads: D400
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Çıralı is a touristic destination on the south coast of Turkey, very close to Antalya. Olympos is the neighboring town.

Hitching In

You'll be most likely coming from the Fethiye-Antalya 'highway' (D400_(Turkey)). From there it's a pretty long hike downhill to Çıralı, waiting at the turnoff on top and hitching the few Çıralı-bound traffic should be faster..


Walk to the northern end of the beach, you'll most likely find other tents and caravans there.


Azur-Aida is one of the cafes next to the beach. The WiFi should have the same name, or maybe only Azur. Password is Azur7273 or Azur2327.

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