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<map lat='46.793948571014326' lng='-71.15982055664062' zoom='12' view='0' float='right' /> Levis is a city in Quebec, Canada, facing Quebec city on the Southern Bank of the St-Lawrence river.

It is part of the Quebec Urban Community even if it is in another administrative region and historically disconnected with the Quebec city region. Levis and its suburban areas are having a strong dependence towards Quebec city and the locals often crosses the river to go in town. The contrary is far from reality and many inhabitants from Quebec will never cross to go to Levis, so it might remain unknown for most of them, hence that many people in Quebec won't be able to give tips regarding the southern shore.

Hitchhiking out

East towards New Brunswick

Quebec city Southern Approach

Transiting along the A-20

If you're trying to go East of Québec from Montreal, be aware that many people stop at Québec city and it might be hard to hitch east before the bridges. The best option is to ask the driver to stop at the St-Nicolas rest area where you'll be able to ask directly to people.

Public Transport

The Levis Urban Community has its own public transport system RT Levis which also crosses to Quebec city but has no fare connection with its northern network associate.

In Levis itself, the ferry is most likely the best option to cross directly into Quebec city, (Web Site) which is 2,65$CAN. {{IsIn|Chaudière-Appalaches]]

wikipedia:Lévis, Quebec