Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Lancaster is a city in Pennsylvania, United States.

A very useful city, and probably not the worst place to get stuck around. But not the easiest city to hitch out from, if you can help it do whatever you can to be on the "outskirts of the city" no matter what rd. you take. Better guide further for rt 30 and i276. rt 30 is the Old Lincoln, a great and historic road.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Philadelphia rt 30 or i276 turnpike

You can hitch east directly to Philadelphia on rt30, but be warned it is a long trip. Definitely use a sign, because people will underestimate how far you are going, there's also very good traffic here. A very important thing to do, if you are going East try to get to at least the East side of town. If you are on the West side that's easily a 10 mile walk. From the center (not downtown Lancaster) But the center of Lancaster on Rt. 30 is probably 3-5 miles to the eastern edge. Wait till you get to where the trees start to appear on route 30, by a nice big property of grass. Hitch there east, this way most the people on the rd are going to be going on rt 30 for a small amount of time. Use a sign again.


If you want to ride the Old Lincoln Hwy through some great towns AND directly to Gettysburg but maybe you arent in Philadelphia Lancaster is probably the best spot to get on at as it has both the PA turnpike and Rt. 30. See if you can't use a sign to get picked up at the PA turnpike and taken to route 30 by someone who's going to Lancaster. Where they take you should be an on ramp for rt. 30. Again use a sign, and you can at least get a ride to York easily. In case you don't read the York page. Don't get taken "into" York. As many people there have bad ideas about it try to hitch from the East side before you enter to get a ride to Gettysburg (or as far as you're going).

Important information

  • No pedestrians on Rt 30 to the West side of town, GO ON THE OFF RAMP IF YOU ARE TAKEN TO LANCASTER THIS WAY DONT GET DROPPED OFF ON RT30 here.
  • Much better to get a ride to the East side of town much shadier more Easterly traffic.
  • Use a sign
  • Prepare for a wait
  • You might be able to get a 1 shot to Philadelphia this way to 30th street station, so if you're looking for that maybe wait out on the 5 milers.

Public transportation

You can catch a greyhound at the Walmart to 30th street station.

Other info

  • i276 & rt. 30 in 1 town. Amazing.
  • Cops are friendly and bored and they might give you rides across town if they see you. 2 Townships.


  • A lot of traffic not going east
  • If you cant get to the east side rides are slow or you might have to walk across Lancaster to get there, A LONG WALK.
  • No trees until you get east a little out of the city, HOT.