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""Krk is an island in Croatia situated in Kvarner bay, Adriatic Sea. Island is connected with the mainland over the bridge.

Main cities on the island are:

  • Baška
  • Krk (city)
  • Malinska
  • Njivice
  • Punat

Most of the people on the island are hichhiker friendly because of expensive bus ticket and bad connections within the cities.

Hitchhiking out

Main road is going trough the whole island from Baška to the bridge. Not matter from which part of the island you are trying to get a ride, always walk toward the main road. Follow the sign [Rijeka], as the main roads continue toward city Rijeka (from 2014 also toward highway to Zagreb)

Going around

Same as going out from the island. Main road that connects most important cities on the island is going trough the middle of the island and is used by most of locals and tourists.

Hitchhiking in

If you are coming from mainland, best option is to come to bridge. Before paytolls there is enough place for hitch-hiking and usually doesn't take lot of time to get a ride.

If you are coming from Rijeka, the best option is to take a bus #29 to Kraljevica and then take a walk for about 2 kilometers until the bridge (ask the driver for directions toward bridge, sometimes he will drop you off next to crossroad toward bridge and save you some walk).

Accommodation and Sleep

Wild camping is illegal in Croatia, but since almost every beach around the cities on the island has shower and toilette, it is very good option as long as you are discreet. Pitch the tent with sunset and remove it early in the morning and use places far from houses and main pedestrian trails. Normally, no one will care, but if you will still have some problems, try to say that you missed the last bus or wanted to watch the stars overnight. You have high chances to avoid any penalty.