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Kashgar or Kashi is an oasis city in the western part of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Urumqi/Turpan, west towards Irkeshtam Pass and Kyrgyzstan

To the Irkeshtam Pass, The easiest way to to opt for a ride with a truck driver. If you start in Kashgar, take the earliest (around 6am local time) shared taxi to Wuqia in Wuqia County (乌恰镇 乌恰县). In Uyghur language it's called Ulugqat (pronounced Uluk-chat). As of September 2023, the taxis depart 1.5 blocks south of the junction of Tianshan E Rd and Yingbin Blvd and charge around 40-50 yuan per person. After 2 hours you will be half ways to the border, just hitchhike straight - try your luck with the huge white-container trucks.

Another option is to take bus #2 going north from the central mosque square. After 15-20 minutes along the main road north, the bus turns right to the airport, but get off here and continue straight on. After the airport turn the road becomes a highway and you can start hitching from here. The junction off for the Irkeshtam Pass and Torugart Pass border crossing into Kyrgyzstan is another 20 km further down the highway.

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