Junin de los Andes

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Junin de los Andes is a town in Southwest Argentina.

Hitchhiking out

For hitching North/West, the Axion petrol station is a good place to start.

North towards Chile on Paso Mamuil Mamal & Volcan Lanin

RP23 and later RP60 brings you to Volcan Lanin and the Villarica region in Chile. The route can be hitchhiked quite easily as many tourists go for it to circle back to Bariloche. If possible take a day time and climb at least a part of Volcan Lanin.

North towards Alumine

After Malleo, RP23 is quickly getting worse. You can continue on dirt roads to Villa Pehuenia and later Chile. Most people will take the turnoff to Volcan Lanin and continue on RP60, so expect to spend some time in Malleo.

North towards Zapala and Neuquen on RN40

Most people going north from Junin de los Andes will be travelling on this stretch of Ruta 40 and continue to Neuquen or Buenos Aires or taking the turnoff to RN234 and going back to Bariloche.

West towards Lake Huechulafquen and Piedra Mala

RP61 is a dead end dirt road with very low traffic. There is bus going along the road, however, it will take several hours to Piedra Mala. You might not have another option, as most cars are packed full here.

South towards San Martin de los Andes and Bariloche on RN40

If you're coming from north, traffic and public transport service will increase seriously after Junin de los Andes and even more after San Martin de los Andes.