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Jönköping is a town in Sweden. It is famous for being very difficult to hitchhike around/out of and there are countless of stories of hitchhikers waiting a long tome for a ride in the Jönköping area.

Hitchhiking out

South to Helsingborg and Malmö and North to Stockholm

Option 1: Take the red bus line 1 to Kampevagen. Walk to the direction of the bus to a roundabout. Hitch after the roundabout. There is plenty of space to stop. The cars heading to the motorway E4 are going straight ahead.

If you get dropped of at Eurostop. Almost all the cars stopping by are locals from the area and are not going south. Some are going to Stockholm though, but option number one should be way better than this. If do get stuck here though, try to get a ride to a ride a bit north to a rest area called Vätterleden if possible

South to Helsingborg/Malmö or Göteborg. Opposite from Eurostop, on the other side of the motorway there is a big warehouse called "Biltema". Just beside there after the roundabout you have a pretty good spot on the side of the road. I have been there twice, once a 5 minute wait, another time 40 min. 5 min wait for me also, definetely better than the E6 shopping centre.

Option 2: Since option 1 didn't work for me this summer -no place to stop/cars go way to fast-. I walked the highway till I was at the E6 Shopping center. A lot of cars passing by comming from the shopping center and from the city. I stood there for 20m on a thursday noon.

Not really sure about E6, a lot of cars are going from different neighborhoods in the city to the shopping centre and back, so hard to find anyone actually leaving the city.

Eurostop might work for trucks towards Helsingborg. There are lots of trucks going south early on mondays. During the weekends though it's a terrible place. If you get stuck and want south during the weekend, try going south to a place called Torsvik. It has more cars and trucks also that are going south.

Option 3: There is a Circle K Jönköping Österängen gas station by the exit to Stockholm (57.78555473713472, 14.235882383934644), there is more than enough space for cars to stop and the traffic (if not local and going just to the gas station) is going directly to the highway to Stockholm. You will be clearly visible and the traffic is slow. You can also ask the people on the station for a ride but note that a lot of them are local.

Direction South

The Service station at Torsviksmotet E4.This Shell Gas Station and the restaurant adjacent to it with considerable truck traffic attract people to stop on their way south.Variation:on the ramp leads into the E4 south,just across the street from this servis station there is a pocket for bus stop where cars may stop.Five minutes and got a ride! To get there from Jønkøping:Take bus number 37 to Torsvik centrum.

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