Het Gooi

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Het Gooi is a region in in the Netherlands between Amsterdam and Utrecht, in the province of Noord Holland. Towns include Hilversum, Huizen, Blaricum, Laren, Naarden and Bussum. It is a great region for hiking and cycling. You can easily hitch to this region, do a hike and hitch back. It only takes 20 minutes by car.

Tour 1

Hitch from the Liftplaats at Amstel in Amsterdam to Huizen over the A1 in the direction of Hilversum / Amersfoort. Get off at exit Blaricum/ Huizen (exit 8) and follow the Crailoseweg towards Huizen. After 10 minutes you'll see forest on your left and a heath area, with wild cows and sheep, right.

Hitchhiking out

Find your way to the same road. For Amsterdam, there is an excellent spot on your right, at the entry on the motorway, where it says 'carpoolstrook'. For East or South, go to the other side where you can hitch from an on-ramp, which is also possible for short distance.

Public transport

There are many different line-buses that cover all towns. Pay in the bus or use a strippenkaart. These bus-stops might be great spots to ask for rides to nearby towns or for hitching out.


Staying over in this region is rather expensive but there are many people in this region offering a free place to stay through the hospitality exchange networks.