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Everybody is more than welcome to participate in building this free guide about hitchhiking to make it a great success!

If you want to participate, there are some articles which help you getting in touch with the wiki-syntax. It's easy! Don't worry about mistakes, there are enough hitchhikers who correct articles! Click here to read about it.

The following list are things people want, things that have to be done and where you can help us:


Link to

Add some links to from your blog or public web space if you also think to be an excellent source of information. To specific articles or just to the website in general. We've been more than doubling every year, and meanwhile we have considerably improved our quality. The more incoming links, the more people find out about it, and the better and more information we'll have in here.


Since June 2008 we have a new feature: breadcrump-navigation. You might already have seen the navigation at the top of some articles like Berlin! Many of the 3,835 articles on this wiki havn't been marked with this navigation yet, so you can help by adding the {{IsIn|xxxx}} tag to all articles! For an instruction on how to do this, have a look here.

Rewrite articles into nice English

There are some articles which are written just in a hurry or having some spelling mistakes in it. Feel free to edit any article in which you find those mistakes. Furthermore, there are some articles written i.e. in 1st person, while the wiki usually tries to keep all information (like about spots) in 3rd person. You can find and rewrite those here.

Other languages

We have sister wikis in French, German, Finnish, Portuguese and Russian and es:Spanish. If you speak these languages, it would be great if you write something in there and translate back and forth.


Currently more than 200+ articles of this wiki are marked as stubs. This articles are nearly empty and might need your information. Have a look at Category:Stubs to see them all, and if you find articles you know something over, add it :-)

Wanted Pages

At Special:Wantedpages you can find a list of currently highly wanted articles. If you know anything about one of these articles, don't hesitate to add it!

Priority informations

Some pages might requires a title of information that would reveal useful or even a priority, either to be completed now or a sort of post-it/reminder for later. For example: