Heilbad Heiligenstadt

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Heilbad Heiligenstadt is a city in Germany.

The city isn´t even that bad to get stuck to. You got a nice connection to the A38 and into both directions. The most traffic will come from the town.

Hitchhiking out

Towards Leipzig, Kassel and Göttingen Bundesautobahn 38 number.svg

This one is a better spot to hitch into both directions. Location is 51.393883, 10.130539. There is just a spot to stop for cars and you should stand probably 200 further down the hill behind the barrier. A big sign could be useful. You can get a cardboard at the Rewe or Aldi 5 minutes down the hill.

Towards Leipzig and Dresden Bundesautobahn 38 number.svg

Spot is marked at the map on the driveway into direction Leipzig/ Dresden.

You can probably stand in the marked "emergency stop" (Spot 1) but there are 2 problems. Problem 1. : This is already Autobahn and to walk (or stand) at the autobahn is illegal in Germany. Problem 2. : Drivers will see you mutch to late and in their focused mind to drive fast and intense traffic they wont stop.