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Hammamet is a beachside town in Tunisia. It gets really busy with tourists over summer, but outside the tourist season it's nice and quiet. However, you might still be spoken to a lot by vendors around the Medina.

Hitchhiking out

North-west towards Tunis

Walk behind the train station on the Avenue Bahi Ladgham towards the mosque named Al Ihsen. The mosque is next to a busy t-crossing with traffic lights and has a nice wide parking shoulder for cars to stop. It took Mind of a Hitchhiker with partner about 15 minutes to get a direct ride into Tunis from here (66 kilometers). If your ride doesn't go directly to Tunis, there is one toll booth (Garde de péage de Mornag) and one big gas station (Aire de Service Grombalia) in between Hammamet and Tunis for you to switch rides.