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<map lat=40.551 lng=-105.067 zoom=11 view=0 float=right/> Fort Collins is a college town North of Denver on I-25. It is home to the Colorado State University and a very enjoyable place to either travel through or rest. The heart of the downtown is located about 3 miles off the exit on I-25 and encompasses the beautiful college campus as well as a few streets full of nifty shops and bars. The nightlife on a weekend is incredible and takes on the air of a summer street festival. With the right attitude there are plenty of good times to be had and opportunities to make money if needed. Very tolerant of travellers and plenty of chances to get "adopted".

Hitchhiking out

The easiest way to leave the town is to hike East on Mulberry St.(Rt. 14) or take Transfort bus 14 from old-town ($1.25--it's free if you can pass for someone who is age 17 or younger and claim to be underage) to the ramp on I-25, the ramp is easy to hitch and rides can be gotten quite easily from here.