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Encón is a village in Argentina on the Ruta Nacional 20. It's in San Juan province on the crossing where the Ruta 142 goes to Mendoza. You can also go towards San Luis and Cordoba province from here.

Hitchhiking out

South West towards Mendoza, North West towards San Juan, East towards Cordoba and San Luis

There's an YPF gas station here to change into any direction you'd like. The area around here is really bloody hot in summer, so you're better off asking around at the gas station till someone goes where you want to go. To Mendoza and San Juan it is very possible to find a direct ride. In direction San Luis and Cordoba, you might be dropped off at the crossing RN 20 with RP 147 (where there's no town), or the RP 146 at the town of Lujan, San Luis province. When going to Cordoba this way, you'll pass through Quines, which has a nice YPF gas station too.

The YPF in Encón is next to some road check for all trucks (and sometimes cars), so everyone has to slow down here anyway. Most people make a stop at this airconditioned YPF. There's a clean bathroom and you can get pan de miga sandwiches here. Freshen yourself up

Mind of a Hitchhiker hitched from Cordoba via Encón to Mendoza in December 2016 (summer) with a truck driver (whose engine overheated every 80 km). People don't hit the road after 11:00 AM in summer, as the road is long and it's too damn hot. From the YPF in Encón she got picked up by a convoy of Brazilian tourists who were driving to Santiago in Chile via Mendoza.