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<map lat='48.4252137224094' lng='-71.05098724365234' zoom='13' view='3' />
Flag of Canada
State: Quebec
Population: 67,311
Licence plate: None in particular
Major roads: A-70
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Chicoutimi is a borough of Ville Saguenay, located in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region in Quebec, Canada.

Since 2002, Chicoutimi and the neighbouring towns of La Baie and Jonquière have merged together as Ville Saguenay. Even though this new name is now the official name of the municipality, the former names are still used by the locals.

Hitching In

From Quebec city: Route 175 North
From Lac St-Jean : A-70 East
From Tadoussac / Côte Nord : Route 172 West

Hitchhiking out

North : Route 172 towards Tadoussac, Côte Nord

From Downtown, cross the bridge (Boulevard Saint-Paul - Route 175) to Chicoutimi Nord, and make your way to the corner of Boulevard de Tadoussac (Route 172) / Rue Roussel. There is a stoplight at this location and parking spots for stores where people can pick you up.

South : Route 175 towards Quebec city, Montreal

From Downtown, take bus 15 to the Rona superstore. Then, go south on Boulevard Talbot up to the Marcel Simard garage/gas station (below the crossing of Boulevard du Royaume / Boulevard Talbot), and hitchhike there. If you meet someone whom is going south, but not where you want, ask them if they can drop you at Petroles RL in Laterrière (corner of Boulevard Talbot / Rue du Boulevard). From there, everybody should at least go to Quebec city.

West/East : A-70

From Downtown, take bus 15 to highway 70. The highway entrances are huge and wonderful for hitchhiking!

Public Transport

Société de transport du Saguenay (Only in French)

Places to Visit

Pub La Voie Maltée (The Malted Way) (Only in French)
Café Cambio (Only in French)
Micro-brewery La Tour à Bières (The Beer Tower)

Places to Avoid


Accommodation and Sleep

There are some couchsurfers in the area whom can help you. Browse for North America/Canada/Quebec/Saguenay and pay attention to their couch description.

Auberge de jeunesse du Saguenay : La Maison Price

Other Useful Info