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There is no state in the USA where it is illegal to hitchhike. States like New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware do not allow hitchhiking on toll roads, thruways or turnpikes, but there is no state-wide law prohibiting hitchhiking. It is simply a matter of how local law enforcement (highway patrol, sheriffs and city cops) interpret the law on a particular day and to whom. (See for A Primer on hitchhiking laws in the USA)

What would really be helpful is to create a list of all cities, counties and routes that irrefutably ban hitchhiking. Any cop in the USA could tell you that is illegal to hitchhike in their jurisdiction, but that does not make it true. Look beyond interpretation and find the actual law related to hitchhiking, as well as how it has been upheld by the courts. A big endeavor, yes, but it is easier once you know all the places that SAY hitchhiking is prohibited and then narrow it down to which of those enforce said prohibition.

I'll help when I can! Salman 02:05, 2 December 2006 (CET)

amylin and I were in big trouble in Albany (New York) and at the US Canada border.
Can you propose a name for the category? Guaka 23:36, 2 December 2006 (CET)

Why is British Columbia and New York state on this list, many places have word for word the same laws as these places, but they are not illegal to hitchhike in if you do it right? Furthermore some states are very explicit in outright banning the act of hitchhiking. For example it is flat out illegal to hitch in Wyoming and Idaho, regardless of where you are attempting it. Thewindandrain 06:10, 11 March 2012 (CET)